Do you want to build a padel court in your tennis club, your campsite, hotel or business?
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Padel, our passion !

We are Sandra and Michel and we live in the South of France where we are keen and active padel players. We are also both ranked tennis players, and have been tennis club leaders for many years. We are huge padel enthusiasts, and and work towards seeing this sport spread and thrive.

We believe that padel is clearly growing in popularity as it is a friendly and fun sport open to all ages. It can bring dynamism to your club through new members, and be a new option for existing racket sport players. We’d be excited to work with you to bring this progressive sport into your establisment.

Why install a padelcourt ?

Padel evolution in the world

In South America and especially in Argentina, it is a national sport with more than 10,000 padel courts. Around 2 million padel players are active there and in Spain it is the second most popular sport after football, with more than 5 million players.

The rest of the world is not left behind either. The number of padel practitioners is estimated at more than 12 million and it is played actively throughout almost all of Western Europe, South and Central America, Japan and the USA.

Padel evolution in the UK

Padel is also becoming very popular in the UK and the players are increasing strongly. The LTA Padel Association is very active  and does a lot to promote and professionalize padel sport. There are actually 63 padel courts in England.

Given the great success of padel, the general expectation is that many English padel courts will be added in the coming years. In 10 years, 300 padel courts are expected throughout England.

Padel evolution of players in Spain

Padel is very popular in Spain, there are approximately 1700 padel courts and as many as 2.3 million padel players, 40 thousand of whom are members of the Spanish padel association. It is the 2nd national sport after football.

The number of clubs in Spain has grown a lot since 2007 with an increase of 40%, which means that the padel courts in Spain are doubled every 4 years!


Do you want to build a padel court in your tennis club,
your campsite, hotel or business ?

We will  help you find the best padel court installer.


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